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BUY American... AND make it in China.

LIS Enterprises Inc. is based in suburban Philadelphia and assists U.S. companies reduce manufacturing costs through procurement of component parts and complete, turnkey products from Asia. There is no easier way to take advantage of the cost savings available from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan than working with LIS Enterprises. A few of the benefits that we offer that you likely will not find when procuring goods internationally:

                            Pay for tooling and parts after delivery is made and the parts meet your complete satisfaction.

                                  We take responsibility for all parts and provide a single point of contact to resolve any issues.

                                                                                     Long-term relationships with a multitude of factories, including castings, stampings, forgings, machining, extrusions, plastics, and assembly just to name a few.

  Just unload the shipment when it arrives at your door.
LIS Enterprises can supply a wide range of products, whether component parts for you to assemble with other items, or completed, turnkey products packaged and ready for distribution.
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We provide many types of custom and standard component parts, including

such as bearings, click here to learn more about the types of parts that we can supply.
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Our customer base is extremely diverse and includes Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers ranging from entrepreneurial operations to large, multinational corporations.
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